What Every iPhone App Developer Wants for Christmas

by Brook Lenox on December 23, 2009

christmas-treeWhat are you hoping to find under the tree come Christmas morning?

Hopefully you’ll avoid the sticks, coal, socks, and underwear!

Here is a list of what I think every iPhone app developer wants for Christmas.


iPhone App Developer Wish List

#1 All Apps Approved and on the Shelves

Have to give Apple credit for what seems to be a much quicker turn around in approving apps in December. Hopefully Christmas day finds your apps approved and ready for sale.

#2 Record #’s of iPhone/touch Devices in Stockings!

I believe the app store did around 10x its typical sales on 12/25 & 12/26 last year. Apple…keep those new devices coming!

#3 Eye Catching Icons

Your app icon, like a display in a store window, jumps off the screen to grab the attention of app store users.

#4 Apps Getting 5 Stars and Rave Reviews

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your app with lots of stars and users singing (reviewing) joyously about your app?

#5 The Perfect Combination of Revenue Sources

Hopefully at this time you’re ready to maximize your revenue. You’ve thought through and tested free to paid models, ad networks, affiliate revenues, in app purchases, and other revenue generating strategies. Your revenue strategy is “wrapped” :) and under the tree.

#6 Get Promoted by Apple (on the device)

Wouldn’t that be a GREAT present? In fact at Pinger we’ve been fortunate enough to be promoted on the iTunes store and on the device. As you would expect, being promoted on the device is when the real explosion of downloads and sales occur.

#7 To be in the 100 apps on 12/25-12/26

That’d beat a pair of new socks any day. I envy developers with apps in the top 25 on those days. When they open their app reporting on 12/29, I think they’ll be full of holiday cheer looking at those numbers.

In Summary

Here’s hoping your apps do exceptionally well this Christmas. Happy Holidays!


Photocredit: scottfeldstein

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