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Online Marketing Rant

Here is a current list of the topics I plan to cover:

 Section #1 Making a Great App

  • Ten questions you should ask before you start
  • Keeping your concept really simple
  • App title, keywords, and app store description
  • Creating a top notch visual experience
  • Pricing – free, paid, or both?
  • Other options for generating revenue

Section #2 Marketing your App

  • Marketing basics
  • YOU are a marketer
  • 3 different approaches (the tortoise, the owl, or the hare)
  • Creating a simple marketing plan
  • Track everything
  • Test, test, and test
  • Tools you should use
  • Where to spend your money (if you have some)

Section #3 Resources

  • How to set up an Admob test
  • Example tracking spreadsheet
  • List of app review websites 
  • List of “other” websites to RSS 

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