Top iPhone Ad Networks for Publishers

December 11, 2010

Tweet How do you monetize your iPhone applications? One way is to display ads in your apps. You integrate your apps with a mobile ad network. They serve ads in your apps and send you a check monthly.  Below is a list of iPhone app ad networks for publishers, with what I think are their strengths […]

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iPhone App Marketing Analysis

October 24, 2010

Tweet This is part 2 of a 2 part series on iPhone app marketing. The first post was on the creative side of iPhone app marketing. In this post we’ll look at the analytical side. You’ll need to not only start with a dream, but a spreadsheet! Note: some of the tables below are very basic. […]

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iPhone App Marketing

September 22, 2010

Tweet iPhone App Marketing is both a science and an art.  In this post we’ll discuss the right side of the brain of iPhone app marketing. Here are 7 different ways you need to use creativity to effectively market iPhone apps. iPhone App Marketing – 7 Ways You’ll Need Creativity Dreaming up a new app Best possible […]

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Website Shopping Cart Optimization

August 20, 2010

Tweet Are you selling products or services on your website? One of the best ways to increase your revenue is to increase your traffic, right? Not necessarily. Before you increase your traffic, you should make sure to optimize your shopping cart. Why? Let’s say you have 1,000 visitors daily to your site and 1% (or […]

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iPhone App Review Sites

July 9, 2010

Tweet In my opinion it can be a GREAT win to get a positive review on an iPhone app review site. Would you agree? Maybe you tried and either got no or bad reviews. Here are some questions you might have: Why is it even important to get reviewed by iPhone app review sites? Which sites should I […]

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