Online Ad Networks – Pros and Cons

by Brook Lenox on October 23, 2009

thumbs-upDo you use online ad networks in your advertising mix?

If so, I found an article called Pros and Cons of Online Ad Networks that I think you’ll find interesting.

Here are my personal pros and cons.

Pros of Online Ad Networks

Here is what I like about online ad networks:

  • Pricing: you are buying remnant inventory and getting a deal
  • Time savings: you don’t have to deal with a bunch of niche websites
  • Better technology: Ad networks tend to have better technology than small sites

Cons of Online Ad Networks

Here are my cons:

  • ROI: often times the ROI just doesn’t work
  • Targeting: many of them have really broad category targeting
  • ROI: back to the first bullet point…it’s about the ROI!!!

By the way, ROI means “return on investment”.

Being a marketer, I love to test, but in the end if the ROI isn’t there (which in my experience it isn’t often times) then you’ve got to walk away.  For me online ad networks would almost always be behind things like search marketing and affiliate program because of how the ROI stacks up.

Finally, test them! That’s the only real way to know.

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