My Top 5 iPhone / iPod Touch apps

by Brook Lenox on February 13, 2009

I own an iPod Touch and currently have 39 different apps installed.  At Pinger, where I work, we develop iPhone / iPod Touch apps, so my Touch is used for work & play.

Here are my current 5 favorites:

#1 Pinger Phone pinger-phone

Pinger Phone combines all your social sites (Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace), IM, calls, and emails into one app.  It is incredibly useful.  I’m sure you think I’m biased because I work at Pinger.  The answer is yes I am.  The biggest thing Pinger Phone lacks (in my opinion), is the ability to reply to friends’ updates from the app.

#2 We Ski we-ski

It’s the middle of ski season and I watch the snow every day.  Any day with 10 inches of new powder is a “Pinger Day” (a personal day off from Pinger) in my book.  This simple little app organizes all my favorite ski areas and how much snow they’ve just received.  There is not an alert function available, which is a bummer, but I think that’s mostly due to Apple’s restrictions on apps running in the background.

#3 Twitterific twitterific

Although I”m pretty new to Twitter (last 3 months), I really like being able to send Tweets from my iPod Touch.  This app is simple and effective.

#4 Tap Defense tap-defense

I showed this simple action/strategy game to my 12 year old and we both got hooked.  You buy & build towers to shoot the evil dudes trying to run from hell’s gates to heaven’s doors.  Neither of us have yet to get past level 29, but there is a 3 day weekend starting today, so that may just change :).

#5 iShoot Lite ishoot-lite

Use weapons to blow stuff up. Enough said.





Here are the apps I currently have installed:

  • Word Freak
  • WhosHere
  • Pinger Phone
  • Checkers
  • FuzzleLite
  • Enjoy Sudoku Daily
  • i.TV
  • ShoZu
  • Facebook
  • Tap Tap Revenge
  • Live Poker
  • Searchme
  • FS5 Hockey
  • Dots Free
  • AeroGt.Free
  • Trace
  • Hangman
  • iPet Pets
  • Falling Balls
  • FourFree
  • Y.Painter
  • Twittervision
  • Twitterific
  • Twinkle
  • S.deadbeef
  • TapDefense
  • fring
  • Google Earth
  • iheartradio
  • We Ski
  • Shout
  • Bible Verses
  • Mantis Bible Study
  • iPhunny
  • SMS Freedom
  • iShoot Lite
  • iSniper Lite
  • Whiteboard
  • AtomicFart

Which are your favorite apps?

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Brienna February 13, 2009 at 7:38 pm

OK, I love Tap Defense too! I’ve beaten easy mode (there are 43 levels and the last one is HARD!). I haven’t gotten past around 30 or so on medium mode.

I think Pandora, Labyrinth, Knots, and Marble Mash are kinda fun too, but not as addicting as Tap Defense!

Brook Lenox February 16, 2009 at 9:17 pm

Hey Brienna…thanks for the comments. Looks like I’ve got some “work” to do on Tap Defense :). I’ve been meaning to get around to trying Pandora.

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