Marketing to a Marketer

by Brook Lenox on March 12, 2009


There is so much to keep up with as an online marketer. It’s like being on the informational Autobahn every day. 


How many blogs do you keep up with?

How many email newsletters do you read?

How many “gurus” do you follow on Twitter?


Lately, I’ve seen so many different articles on online banner companies dying.  Everyone seems to be writing about it. Enough! Sorry if you just wrote one of those articles. :)







A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting experience with, you guessed it, an online banner company!  The company was Fetchback.  They called me to see I’d be interested in their services.




They specialize in retargeting.  Here’s how it works. A person goes to a flower delivery ( website, but doesn’t order.  Well, later when they’re checking their email, they see a banner for an FTD free shipping special.  Seeing the FTD banner after being at the FTD website, they realize they forgot to order and do so. Bingo.


So after I’d been on the Fetchback website and filled out a form, they called me.  They wanted me to open up my fingers that were so tightly clinched around my advertising dollars.


I gave my typical:

  • We’re very ROI driven and banners haven’t cut it lately
  • Give me your typical click through rates and CPM’s and I’ll do the math

What we discussed was pretty uneventful, but what happened later was not.


Here are the banners I typically see when checking my Yahoo email:

  • Ford 150 (no thanks…like my Honda Pilot)
  • Accuquote (ditto #2…have new Prudential policy)
  • Free credit score (ditto #3…ugly banner…yikes)

All these advertisers wasted their money.  If they had only known I was NOT in the market for their services.  Later that day, I saw this in my Yahoo email account.


Have to admit, I was impressed.  They had cookied me when I went to their website and were now showing me the power of their system.  Banners, in my opinion, are not very useful, but retargeted banners, pretty cool.

They did a good job of marketing to a marketer!


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A September 2, 2009 at 3:10 pm

curious – did you ever end up signing up? if so, did you consider it good ROI?

Brook Lenox September 4, 2009 at 11:46 am

Nope, never ended up using Fetchback. Most of my clients are too small for their service.

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