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by Brook Lenox on May 14, 2010

I’ve been passionate about affiliate marketing since 2000 when I started managing Handspring’s affiliate program.

Jesse Lakes, an affiliate marketer, stumbled on my blog about a month ago. I found out he wrote a HUGE and AMAZING eBook describing the ins and outs of the iTunes affiliate program.

It’s called Mastering the iTunes Affiliate Program.

It’s made up of 9 chapters and 162 pages. It is full of great information.

This eBook would be very helpful to you if:

  • You’re an iPhone app developer and wondering if/how you can make additional money using the iTunes affiliate program. Did you know you can use affiliate links in your mobile ads, your links back to iTunes from your app, and from your website? This eBook help you understand how to pursue that.
  • You’re an affiliate marketer struggling to understand the iTunes program. Say you’ve got a website that is full of great content about music or you have an iPhone app review website. You can link to iTunes and earn a 5% commission on anything those users buy for 72 hours.

This eBook will give you a ton of helpful information.

Here are some of the chapters I think you’ll find especially helpful:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

This chapter gives you the necessary background to understand the rest of the eBook. Jesse explains affiliate programs in general, the iTunes program, and all the high level things you should understand about how Apple runs their affiliate program.

Chapter 2 – Get into the program

Because Apple gets so many people applying to their program, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle or get your application denied.

So in Chapter 2, Jesse explains things like:

  • A plan of attack (page 19),
  • How to apply (page 20), and
  • What to do if denied (page 25)

In this chapter Jessie gives you a list of possible reasons you may be denied.

Chapters 3-6

These 4 chapters are by far my favorite. Jesse walks you through:

  • Linking methods (banners, text links, etc)
  • Link creation tools (Link Builder Tool, Link Maker Tool, and more)
  • Reporting (especially helpful because Linkshare’s reporting is somewhat confusing)
  • Tracking (more in depth tracking methods like Linkshare’s Signature Program)

Chapter 8 – Best Practices

Chapter 8 gives you in depth best practices for a bunch of different areas of the iTunes program. You’ll find over 20 different best practices that you should consider as you use the iTunes program.

In Summary

So that’s it. If you’re in any way connected to iTunes, I highly recommend this book.

Learn more about the Mastering iTunes eBook.

About Jesse

Jesse now works in affiliate marketing for Apple. Before that Jesse wrote a HUGE eBook describing the ins and outs of the iTunes affiliate program.

By the way…did I mention that Jesse did such a great job with this book that it eventually got him a job at Apple!

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