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by Brook Lenox on May 1, 2009

iphone-app-developer-aurelijusI work at Pinger and we develope iPhone apps.  I am NO DEVELOPER! I am a marketer, but I realize after reading lots of iPhone app developer comments, that they are hungry for resources.  I’ve compiled a list of 10 blogs and websites that you may consider taking a look at to see if you think they are worth following.

#1 How to Make iPhone Apps

This is Matt Drake’s How to Make iPhone Apps blog.  This is my top pick for two reasons.  My first is that Matt has spent the last year or so figuring out how to develop for the iPhone.  He’s keenly aware of what he wishes he knew when he started.  He’s sharing what he’s learned so you won’t have to make the mistakes he did.  My second is that I like his approach and writing style.  It is straightforward, informative, and helpful. 

 #2 iPhone Developer Tips

I picked this blog because I couldn’t understand any of it! Not really, but it’s appears to be full of tips about coding.  Could be good to check out if you’ve hit a wall in your development.

#3 Mobile Orchard

This blog is a combo of news, information, and tutorials.  I’ve added them because they may be a great resource if you are approaching a project and need some insight.  For example, I found a list of 3 keyboard tweak tutorials.

#4 iPhone Savior

Wasn’t sure if I should include this one or not.  This is more iPhone focused news.  I included this blog because it’ll keep you informed in what’s going on with the cult following which is the iPhone and perhaps it’ll give you a laugh or two as well. 

#5 Mark’s Signal Blog

This is another non technical blog, but I include it because Mark sold a company to Apple and is a serial entrepreneur.  Perhaps you’ll make your money not only by creating an amazing app, but also selling it to Apple one day! See if Mark’s Signal Blog is for you.

#6 iPhone Incubator

Nick Dalton, an iPhone developer, shares his thoughts.  He is also the author of  “101 iPhone Tips & Tricks”. Disclaimer: I have not read this book.  Let me know if you have.  Here is a list of apps that is his company 360Mind has created.

#7 Chilli Fresh Blog

The makers of Wobble, Windmaker, and Transplant share about various iPhone topics.  They definitely have a sense of humor and have created some apps that have done well.  Honestly, I added them because I love to snow ski and I’m hoping they’ll invite me to go skiing with them in Northern Japan. Check em out.

#8 MindComet

This is the blog of an agency that has now starting developing apps.  Right from their website: “MindComet is a unique mix between an interactive marketing consulting firm, an interactive agency and a marketing technology developer.” I’ve added them because I think they have a little different angle.

#9 iPhone Development

Here is the blog of an iPhone developer and author.  He shares a lot of ideas in a tutorial style.  If you’re looking for specific information on “how-to” do something, this might be a great resource.

#10 Other Resources

Here are a few other resources:

There are so many more I could have shared.  Even though I’m a bit out of my comfort zone here not being a developer, I hope you find this list helpful. 

What iPhone developer blogs do you find helpful?  Let me know and I’ll add them here.

photo credit: Aurelijus Valeiša

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Smith July 22, 2009 at 3:04 am

Hi Brook Lenox
i am agree with u because my story same like you.
i have feel enjoyment when develop any new iPhone application.

Brook Lenox July 24, 2009 at 8:39 am


Great to hear from. Good luck in developing your next app.


iPhone Development Company January 19, 2010 at 6:26 am

Great list!!

Here’s another one for this list: http://iphonedevelopmentbits.com/

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