iPhone App Store Marketing FAQ

by Brook Lenox on October 30, 2009

questionsHave some basic questions about iPhone app store marketing?

The goal here is to create a list of questions, answers, and resources for iPhone app developers.




iPhone App Marketing Questions

 1) Other than making a great app, what do I need to do before I submit my app to Apple?

  • Choose an app name that is really easy to understand or at least intriguing
  • Create an icon that stands out in the crowd
  • Determine you’re monetization/pricing strategy
  • Spend time deciding what keywords to use
  • Write a compelling description page
  • Create at least a simple, actionable marketing plan

Resources: These articles will help you with keyword research, app pricing strategies, & how to market iPhone apps.

2) How long will it take to get my app approved?

It “should” take 2-3 weeks to get your app approved, BUT at times it can be much longer.  Many app developers share how something small can lead to their app being rejected.

3) What things could cause my app to be rejected?

Here are a few things to avoid upfront:

  • Objectionable content (this is a really hard one to figure)
  • Using an undocumented API
  • Keywords: be careful…see more info below

I’d also suggest you skim through this list of rejection reasons.

4) How can I get an account manager at Apple?

Well that’s a tough one. You can’t actually ask for one. Apple finds interesting apps that are doing well and approaches those developers directly. Perhaps if you have a contact at Apple that would help. Best bet is to make a great app.

5) How can I get promoted by Apple?

Again, tough one. At Pinger we got promoted. It happened because we 1) Had a great app (Textfree), 2) Because of that we got an account manager, and then 3) Had a compelling 3.0 feature that Apple liked.  Guess it’s the same answer as #4. Build an exceptional iPhone app.

6) What are the top things that will help me drive downloads?

If you want lots of downloads it’s all about getting into the top 100 or ranked well in some category.

Here are a couple of the “top” volume drivers in my opinion:

  • Building a great app with some a viral component
  • Mobile ad network marketing
  • Getting promoted by Apple

7) What should I do/not do when it comes to keywords?

  • Do some keyword research
  • Do choose small 1-2 word phrases
  • Do use plurals (i.e. “make list” and “make lists”)
  • Don’t use competitor’s terms
  • Don’t use Trademarked terms
  • Don’t use popular terms unrelated to your app

8) What mobile ad networks should I test?

My top 3 mobile ad networks at this point are Admob, Quattro, and Decktrade. I’d suggest testing with Admob first.

9) What marketing metrics should I track?

Here are some key metrics I think you should track:

  • Downloads
  • Rank
  • Revenue
  • Cost/Download (if you’re spending)
  • Events or changes you make and impact ($1.99 to $.99, sales increased 5x)

10) I’m a developer, not a marketer, this is overwhelming.  What should I do?

If you can’t afford to hire someone, you take a big deep breath, read posts like this, learn, and become a marketer :).

If you’ve got the benefit of a budget, hire someone like myself to help you succeed.


Let me know if you have questions I should add.

Hope this helped!!!

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joan torrelles June 16, 2011 at 11:52 am

i’m creating an app and i need a FAQ list, could you tell me where to find a good web to make a start?

Brook Lenox June 17, 2011 at 3:27 pm

@ Joan – don’t know of a website, but I’d just at other apps and iTunes descriptions for an FAQ list.

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