iPhone ads Perform Well (Atleast for Now)

by Brook Lenox on March 2, 2009

Today, I’m thinking about the vast diffference between online, mobile, and iPhone ads.  At this point it is a case of bad, better, and best when it comes to how these different ads peform.

Online Banner Ads – Bad

For quite a while, online banner click through rates have been plummeting.   Even back in 2006, according to this business week article, average click through rates declined from .75% to .27%.  Publishers have tried lots of things to try to reverse this decline: larger ad units, road blocks, and flash ads.  None of these efforts have stopped this free fall.

Mobile (WAP) Banner Ads – Good

At this point, mobile ads can have click through rates 10 to 100x’s better than online banner ads.  I’ve seen this in my own tests.  Below shows you the range of how my ads performed in May of last year.  The point is that for now, mobile ads are working extremely well compared to their online cousins.





iPhone Banners Ads – Best

With iPhone ads, it’s good news on two fronts:

#1 Click Through Rates are as Good or Better

Here is what my data shows. 






#2 Response Rates are Through the Roof

 Just saw a great report yesterday from eMarketer Daily.  

Some highlight include:

  • iPhone users are more then 2x’s more likely to browse the mobile web
  • 50% of iPhone users say they’ve responded to a mobile ad
  • Users were 3x’s more likely to recalls iPhone ads than ads on TV

Read the full report: Mobile Ads Catch Fire Among iPhone Users

Will these great response and engagement rates continue?  Maybe, but I don’t tend to think so.  But for now this is good news for iPhone advertisers and publishers.