Greystripe to launch your app…$.99 per download!?!

by Brook Lenox on February 12, 2010

launchOne of the biggest problems facing iPhone app developers is getting noticed. 

Seems like several companies are now offering ways to launch your app into the top 100 or at least into a top category ranking. 

Greystripe is one of those companies. 

They just announced a program where if you’re willing to spend $.99 per download, they’ll drive a large volume of downloads your way. 


The Details

  • You pay $.99 download
  • Minimum commitment of $10k (that’s a deal killer for many)
  • Claim their ad formats convert the best (doesn’t really matter though if you pay on a cost/download)
  • They’ll promote you amongst their network of apps/publishers

What I Like

Yet another possible way to get into top ranking. 

What I Don’t (Like)

The price. I’ve actually done better than $.99/download using Admob, Quattro, and other ad networks. 

More to Come

Several days ago I sent an email to Greystripe requesting more information. I have not heard back from them so far. Hopefully they are just overwhelmed with new business. 

I will update this post if/when I learn more about this opportunity. They responded..see update below! 

How About You?

Is this something you’d consider for your launch? 

Feel free to ask questions and/or discuss in the comments! 


Talked to the folks at Greystripe and they were very responsive.  They sent me a bunch of great information. Appears to me that they’d be easy to work with. 

Here is an example of a 300×250 ad: 


More Details 

  • 4.9 million unique users
  • CTRs – average US click through rate: 4% (impressive)
  • Opt-in and take rates – 10% opt-in
  • Can use your existing 300×250 flash creative





Photo Credit: Erik Charlton 

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