Google Support Hung Up On Me!

by Brook Lenox on August 7, 2009

old-phone1I love great customer service. I will pay extra for it. Well this week, Google hung up on me. I’ve called their 1-866-2-Google for years to get help with issues on campaigns.

One of my clients must have been spending too little according to Google, because when I called in, I got the typical message saying “We are committed to providing you with the most effective advertising available and we look forward to answering your questions”.

But when I entered their customer ID, I got told I needed to use the email support form and then they said “Good bye”!

This brings up to very interesting points in my mind:

  1. Why Now?
  2. Will It Work for Google?

Why Now?

I’m always working on a theory. Are sales rising due to the new keyword campaigns or the email that just went out? Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong. So I’ve got some theories on why Google is moving more accounts to email support now.

Yahoo is a Goner

Now I know I’m going to sound like a conspiracy theory guy, but this happened right after Yahoo signed away their search future to Microsoft.  So now Google, who already had a monopoly, has a monopoly dynasty for certain. 

So what better time that now to start cutting out the smaller accounts. Who needs them now that Google has NO competition?

Bad Economy

Now I understand that everyone needs to be fiscally conservative in a recession. My client may have been losing Google money (although I very much doubt it). So perhaps, Google is tightening its belt in hopes of saving some money.

Will it Work for Google?

Here’s the meat of the story. So what happened when I emailed support?

Well here was my issue. My client had entered their company name and products as keywords into Adwords and they were not showing up. The Google interface claimed that is was due to a low quality score and too low a bid. What? This made NO sense. There had not been any impressions given to those words yet to establish a quality score and there was only one other advertiser showing up for those words.

Here is part of the email I got back from Google (off shore Google is my theory):

“Search advertising is a dynamic, evolving marketplace, and the Quality
Score of your keywords can fluctuate. We continually monitor the
performance of all ads, keywords, and landing pages in our system to
reward high quality ads and encourage advertisers to improve low quality
ads. For example, if your keyword performs well and your Quality Score
increases, your CPCs will decrease.”

Is this a form letter or what?


I got the same answer over and over again in 3 or 4 emails back and forth to this person who I think is in India (and not the Silicon Valley).  I’m not sure they even looked at my account. They never answered my specific questions, but just talked about things that I already understood very well.

I finally asked (nicely by the way) what country they were in.

I haven’t received a response to that question either!

At any rate, since I can’t get my keywords to run, Google is losing my business whether they like it or not!

Anyone else have a similar experience?